Boat and Motor Finance Application

Get your finance pre-approved for the Boat or Motor you are looking for through our easy on-line finance application. Use our Finance calculator to see what your repayments could be. Here at Warren Hay Marine we use UDC Finance to try and make your purchase as stress free as possible.

Simply fill out the application form below and the UDC team will guide you through the process. We will follow up with you and keep you informed with how your finance application is tracking and any further information that will be required. It’s a straightforward and secure process. Finance is subject to the lenders credit, suitability and affordability criteria. Feel free to call us on 09 4302666 for a no obligation discussion.

The information provided on this website along with the following documents will help you understand how consumer financing through UDC works and should help you make an informed decision about considering UDC Finance for your personal lending needs.

Interest Rates

UDC interest rates vary from 11.20% p.a. to 13.70% p.a., and the actual rate charged will depend on many factors including the amount of lending, the term of the loan and size of deposit.

Standard Fees and Charges (Consumer)

» Standard Fees and Charges applicable to consumer contracts
» Early Repayment Charge Explained

Standard Consumer Credit Contracts

Below are examples of our standard form consumer contract terms:

» Credit Sale Agreement Personal
» General Conditions (Consumer)

Term Loan Agreement contract terms

» Term Loan Agreement (Personal)
» General Conditions (Consumer)
» Security Agreement (Personal)