Okuma Citrix 364a Review revisited.

Mike Burgin 02/20/2024

This is an article and review I wrote on the Okuma Citrix 364a some 11 years ago (2013 I believe). Unbelievably I still have this actual reel and have had minimal repair work done. I also own a couple of others now as well. I think this reel deserves another mention as its still available today, if it’s not broken why fix it right? Available in both left- and right-hand models. I rate this reel up there as one of the best saltwater bait casters available. especially given the price point.

I had been on the hunt for a decent bait caster for a while and having been through many different brands and models I found it difficult to find something that ticked all the right boxes. I tend to use bait casters for all sorts and styles of fishing from the rigors of Soft baiting, Popper and small Stick bait, through to slow pitch jigs and casting unweighted baits about from the Kayak and boat. I needed something that has got good a solid drag and internals for when you encounter kingfish but enough finesse to cast lighter jig heads and unweighted baits. (don’t get me wrong here. this is no jig reel with 30kg drag). I also need something from the Kayak that is going to tolerate some very harsh conditions and the odd accidental dunking but has stopping power from the boat. (Now days I am a washed-up Kayak fisho and prefer the comforts of my boat).

The Citrix CI-364a low profile bait caster boasting some decent line capacity 300m of 20lb Power Pro, 25lb of smooth drag from a 4 disked carbon stack, this is all backed by a brass main gear, anti-reverse bearing and anti-reverse dog to ensure true reliability and safe knuckles.

The reel fits nicely in the hand, toting an aluminium frame for rigidity during casting and while fighting fish. The inertia control system has several positions for cast control with an internal adjustment, undo the thumb screw, turn the side plate and access the adjustment. While advertised as an external control this is what I would call an internal control.

The Citrix 364 runs a synchronized level wind, I was pleasantly surprised at how efficiently this reel casts. Generally, synchronized level winds introduce enough drag in the system to make a difference in casting range and control, but this is not the case with the Citrix, the benefits here are that your braid is never being ripped from the spool at a large angle so none of that fluffing and burnt line you encounter with the disengaging reels after a period of time.

Putting this reel through its paces I loaded it up with 20lb braid heading out in the boat to put it through its paces chasing sharks around in the shallow Whangarei harbor waters. Fishing in 2m of water this little reel had line ripping from the spool at amazing rates hooking and taming a nice hammer head shark only to be bitten off near the boat and then to land an eagle ray that would have been a good 30kg specimen. Try as I could to kill this reel all I managed to do was max out my high-end bait cast rod and the reel still was nowhere nearing its limits.


My first Kayak comp I accidently dunked it in the ocean. Breaking every rule in the book I fished all day with this reel, got back to the motel and gave it a quick rinse in fresh water. Fished again all the following day and then serviced it 3 days later. The internals were in fantastic condition and other than a standard clean out and lube has been reassembled and continues to fish well many years later.
Generally, I find this reel to be one of the best Bait casters I have used, and that is many. Its smooth, casts great and handles a thrashing from fast running and heavy fish.

mike 2 fish.JPG

Would I recommend this reel to anyone after a bait caster with serious stopping power? The answer to that is yes!!

Mike Burgin. Warren Hay Marine.