Pakula Game Lures

Pakula is a household name in many Game fishing families. Pakula Game lures have been producing results world over for many years. Pakula Game Lures still prove to be one of the best lures available on the market. Peter Pakula has a passion for game fishing and lure manufacturing like very few. Having sat through a few of Peter’s seminars it’s easy to understand why his products have been so efficient at catching many fish over the seasons. His full range of products can be viewed Pakula Lures and Tackle

We have a huge range of Pakula in stock including his 3d printed lures.

All Pakula Game Lures are On Sale NOW!

$99.00 across all models while stocks last!

If the lure is already cheaper than $99 we will knock 20% off!

Pakula Game Lures on sale NOW!

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